ElectroBraid™ Accessories

ElectroBraid™ accessories are a necessary part of your horse fencing project, to ensure both a safe and effective fencing system. Some of the ElectroBraid™ fencing accessories include:

  • Electric Fence Charger - Electrifys your entire fence properly.
  • Tinned Copper Lead-Out Wire - Used to run electric from your ground rods to you charger & fencing, and for runs under gates.
  • Copper Clad Ground Rods - Promotes proper grounding of electric horse fence chargers. You will need a minimum of three for your electric fence system.
  • Ground Rod Clamp - Clamps your tinned copper lead-out wire to the copper-clad ground rods.
  • Copper Split Bolt Connectors with Cable Ties (10-Pack) - Connects your tinned copper lead-out wire to your ElectroBraid™ at either the end of an insulator from the ends of the braid rail or one braided rail to another – without losing power
  • Neutral Plate Connector - Allows you to avoid corrosion when taking power to or from an existing non-copper fencing system and connect it to copper-based ElectroBraid™.
  • Cut-Out Switch - Used to either open or cut-out the electrical current to your fencing rail. *Rails that touch tall grass, snow build-ups, or anything else that can disrupt your electric current should have a cut-out switch.
  • Insulators - Choose your insulators based on your post type (wood, t-post, etc.)
  • ElectroBraid™ Tension Kit - Everything needed to add tension to your braided electric horse fencing is included in this kit.


If you have any electric fence installation questions, we have the experts you can contact to help you plan your fencing layout!