Horse Stall Accessories

When you are making your horse farm plans, don't forget how small items can make a big difference for your horses! RAMM can help you put the finishing touches on any horse stall project. All of these horse stall accessories have been field-tested to reduce the amount of time you spend on chores and increase the quality time you spend with your family & friends!

Not all products are for show; some solutions provide your horses with extreme comfort! Here are two of our customer favorite products:

  • ThuroBed Mattress System – Provides a healthier living environment for your horses with a non-slip, impermeable surface for improved comfort and traction. It decreases muck time and uses up to 75% less bedding than other systems and stalls mats. That means 2/3 less manure for disposal, reduced ammonia levels, and a dust-­free eating surface so your horses can eat and breathe easily.
  • 18" Basket Fan – Designed especially for agricultural use, this fan has an enclosed motor with sealed ball bearings meaning it can be used in wet locations! These fans can even be sprayed down to remove dust and dirt, making them an excellent choice for wash bays and stables.


Horse stalls and barn planning can be overwhelming so we have a free product catalog or digital catalog available to help you in your decision-making process. Inside, you will find RAMM horse fencing, horse stalls, and other safer equine products. We welcome you to call us at 800-434-8456 to get started on your next project today!