• Blanket Bar

    SKU: BB

    Blanket Bar

    Our galvanized horse head blanket bar holds blankets, sheets, halters, etc. and adds a nice, stylish touch to any barn! This blanket bar measures in at 40.5" long, and it can be attached to your horse stall front with four of our ½" screws.

    *Sold Seperately: Stall Screws

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  • Blanket Bar Horseshoe Style


    Blanket Bar Horseshoe Style

    RAMM's stylish and elegant blanket bar features a horseshoe design to give your tack room or stalls an extra added touch of class. These blanket bars hold heavy rugs, coolers, sheets, saddle pads and more!

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  • Locking Style Horseshoe Latch

    SKU: LHL*

    Locking Style Horseshoe Latch

    Aesthetically pleasing and functional, this locking style horseshoe latch is compatible with sliding stall doors or hinged doors. It's not compatible on a dutch door or flush-close door.

    Compatibility: Hinged or Sliding Doors

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  • U-Channel

    SKU: U


    These horse stall u-channels support wooden wall boards between the wood support posts. They have pre-drilled holes and feature a rust-resistant zinc coating. Our u-channels are available in three different sizes: 94.5", 46.5", or 7".

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  • Wall Capping

    SKU: WC*

    Wall Capping

    Our 93.5" galvanized steel wall capping slides right over your wooden boards and to prevent cribbing and keeping them looking beautiful for years! No more rough or jagged wooden edges where your horses have been cribbing.

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  • Post Edging

    SKU: PE*

    Post Edging

    Prevent your horse from cribbing and protect your stall walls! Most horses love to chew on exposed wood, such as stall walls and stall posts. Protect all of your wood edges your horse(s) may come into contact with, with our 93.5" post edging.

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  • Wall Brace

    SKU: W

    Wall Brace

    Our wall braces add extra strength and durability to your horse stall walls by combining the boards together – forming a single, solid wall. They lay flat against the stall wall once secured in place, helping to prevent injury to your horses.

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  • Horse Stall Grill Bar

    SKU: BAR34

    Horse Stall Grill Bar

    These 16-gauge, 7/8" diameter horse stall grill bars are both economical and rugged. They can be easily removed from the grillwork, allowing you to be able to customize your stalls down the road or if you move, they increase your property value!

    Compatibility: Derby & Essex Stalls

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  • Horse Stall Grommets (50-Pack)


    Horse Stall Grommets (50-Pack)

    Our heavy-duty horse stall grommets are placed in between the grill channels and horse stall grill bars. They are made of a heavy-grade plastic, designed to keep the bars in place and stopping them from rattling.

    Compatibility: Derby & Essex Stalls

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  • Folding Saddle Rack


    Folding Saddle Rack

    This sturdy folding saddle rack mounts easily to any flat surface. It's designed to keep your saddles in good shape and has a built-in bridle hook underneath for extra storage. It even conveniently folds down flat when not in use!

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There are many important parts to any good horse stall system, and occasionally, we have miscellaneous replacement parts and supplies that do not tightly fit into any category. These parts are all integral to having a working horse stall system and will help make yours stand out!