Oxford Welded Stall Accessories

  • U-Channel

    SKU: U


    These horse stall u-channels support wooden wall boards between the wood support posts. They have pre-drilled holes and feature a rust-resistant zinc coating. Our u-channels are available in three different sizes: 94.5", 46.5", or 7".

    Compatibility: Derby & Essex Stalls

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  • Wall Brace

    SKU: W

    Wall Brace

    Our wall braces add extra strength and durability to your horse stall walls by combining the boards together – forming a single, solid wall. They lay flat against the stall wall once secured in place, helping to prevent injury to your horses.

    Compatibility: Derby & Essex Stalls

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  • Post Edging

    SKU: PE*

    Post Edging

    Prevent your horse from cribbing and protect your stall walls! Most horses love to chew on exposed wood, such as stall walls and stall posts. Protect all of your wood edges your horse(s) may come into contact with, with our 93.5" post edging.

    Compatibility: Derby & Essex Stalls

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  • 48" V-Door Grill Section

    SKU: VSD48


    Add a 48" v-door grill section to any Essex horse stall door to let your horses socialize! The Essex standard horse stall v-door grill section also makes it very easy to prepare your horses for turnout or for trail riding.

    Compatibility: Essex Stalls

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  • V-Insert

    SKU: VSD*


    Compatible with the v-door grill section, these v-inserts allow for social interaction between your horses and you. They're also safe and smooth, so they won't harm your horse's head. They're a really great horse stall accessory for your barn!

    Compatibility: Essex, Cambridge, & Oxford Stalls

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  • Stall Screws (50-Pack)

    SKU: SS1*

    Stall Screws (50-Pack)

    These zinc-plated stall screws are used in correlation with the Essex standard horse stall systems only. The #12 - 1.25" long screws are used for attaching stall channeling to wooden stall posts and boards.

    Compatibility: Derby & Essex Stalls

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  • Feed Door Kit

    SKU: FD*

    Feed Door Kit

    You can easily add a horse stall feed door to any stall front that currently doesn’t have one. Feed doors are an efficient way to feed all of your hungry horses at once. They come fully assembled and are ready for instant installation.

    Compatibility: Essex, Cambridge, & Oxford Stalls

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*RAMM is the industry's premier hot-dip galvanizer for horse stalls.

Our Oxford welded horse stalls accessories are very durable and strong. They ensure there's a constant working stall, for your horse's safety in mind. Each part is central to providing easy operation of your stall doors, whether you use a square or round track, and each component is built to last.

Working hardware is always important for the easy operation of your horse barn, and all of our parts are available either galvanized, or with painted colors to match your horse farm's theme.