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You can easily add a horse stall feed door to any stall front that currently doesn’t have one. Feed doors are an efficient way to feed all of your hungry horses at once. They come fully assembled.

Compatibility: Essex, Cambridge, & Oxford Stalls

Feed Door Kit
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Feed doors add great functionality to any horse stall front. They eliminate having to enter the horse’s stall during feeding time throughout the day. They can save you or your farmhands a great deal of time, especially when you have multiple horses that may require different feed amounts and supplements.

Our fully assembled feed door has a pull-down latch integrated into the bars. With a simple pull of the bar, the feed door opens and closes smoothly and quietly. There is no “latch” for horses to open or break. RAMM’s feed doors replace a few of the stall front bars, but do not weaken the front at all. In fact, our feed doors are so strong you can hang on them.

Installation: Insert the feed door tube caps into the ends of the feed door. Next, insert the top of the hinge bar completely up into the hole of the top grill channel, then set the bottom of the hinge bar into the hole of the bottom grill channel. Lastly, pull down the latch bar and swing it into place - latching it into the latch hole. For Essex installations, decide where the feed door is going to be located in the grillwork and omit 7 of the 3/4" horse stall grill bars - leaving at least one bar from the end.