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Wall braces strengthen horse stall walls by connecting boards together to form a single wall. They lay flat against the wall and are available in two different sizes: 93.5" or 46.5".

Wall Brace
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Horse stall wall braces add extra strength and durability to your horse stall walls by combining the boards together to form a single, solid wall (half or full). They are designed to lay flat against the stall wall after installation. This ensures a smooth and seamless surface to help prevent horse injuries. Additionally, these wall braces have pre-drilled holes and feature a rust-resistant zinc coating. Choose between galvalume (metallic) or powder-coated black finishes for a style that fits your property.

The wall braces are available in two different lengths:  93.5" or 46.5".

  • The 93.5" wall braces fit between the floor and the top of a solid wall/partition. They require eighteen (18) screws for installation. *Ships through a ground delivery service in a 96"x6"x6" box and cannot ship through USPS. Up to twelve (12) 93.5" wall braces can fit per box.

  • The 46.5"wall braces fit between the floor and the grillwork on stall fronts and grilled partitions. They require nine (9) screws for installation. *Ships through a ground delivery service in a 50"x6"x6" box and cannot ship through USPS. Up to twenty-two (22) 46.5" wall braces can fit per box.


Installation: Screw the wall brace vertically to the middle of all your horse stall's wallboards. Each wall brace requires stall screws for installation, but are sold separately:


*Shipping Note*

Due to the dimensions of this product, the website's shipping calculations are skewed. We recommend contacting us at 800-434-6296 for an accurate shipping rate. Additionally, it's most economical if purchased with horse stalls or in bulk.


They may also be picked up at our location: 13150 Airport Hwy., Swanton, Ohio 43558

- "Gives great support to stall walls."

- "Helps supports solid walls, easy to install!" - Max K.