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RAMM Horse Fencing & Stalls has been helping horse owners with all aspects of horse fencing, horse stalls and everything equine related for over 25 years. We want give you our time tested experiences through numerous informative articles; readers find them to be informative and helpful. RAMM has been a “hub” for equine activity and has had ​numerous encounters with horse owners from the 4-H and Pony Club level, up to the World Championship and Olympic Rider level. 

Having the opportunity to work with such a diverse and fabulous group of horse owners and riders has given us valuable input for our readers. Many of our articles have been printed in horse magazines as well as builder's publications. We hope you learn more and enjoy reading further about “what works!”

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  • Calming Competitive Jitters

    Calming Competitive Jitters

    You have prepared for the day of competition; hours of practice, sore muscles (you and your horse), sweat, dirt, dedication to perfection, changed habits that were difficult to undo in order to be the best.

  • Fencing and Stall Considerations for Any Breed or Size

    Fencing and Stall Considerations for Any Breed or Size

    Don't you just love owning horses? I do, and I have been fortunate to have had many types, breeds, and sizes of horses. Unlike many others, I have not been loyal to one particular breed of horse.

  • Hold Your Horses

    Hold Your Horses

    I really didn't think too much about gates, until my horses got loose. Six horses, 24 pounding hoofs, and six tails flagged to the wind! They were the happiest horses in Ohio.

  • Life After Boarding: Bringing Your Horse Home

    Life After Boarding: Bringing Your Horse Home

    If you have always boarded your horses, the opportunity to bring them home is one of life's greatest pleasures. It is truly wonderful to be able to walk out of your home and visit with your equine friends any time you want.

  • Posts: The Backbone of Your Fence System

    Posts: The Backbone of Your Fence System

    Several years ago when revising the post page for our product guide, I found myself pondering just how important fence posts are to any fence system.

  • Electric Tape

    Electric Tape

    Each year, we help thousands of customers choose fencing products that fit their needs and budgets. Although each project is unique and is treated as such, we are able to offer some general guidelines and suggestions for different situations.

  • Flexible Fencing is a Safer Alternative for Horses

    Flexible Fencing is a Safer Alternative for Horses

    If you're like me, you want the best for your wonderful horse. The care you give your equine friend might even be envied by some of your family members. This special bond is hard to explain, but nearly every true horse person shares it.

  • Introducing a New Horse to the Herd

    Introducing a New Horse to the Herd

    Congratulations! You've just bought a new horse. Whether it is your first, a second one to be a buddy to an "only" horse, or…

  • Boarding as a Business

    Boarding as a Business

    As a horse owner, you might have thought about boarding horses at your home barn. There are as many variables to boarding as there are choices in horses. Whether you board one horse or several barns full, there are a few common considerations that you will want to look at before you go into the boarding business.

  • Choosing a Trainer

    Choosing a Trainer

    You have been taking riding lessons and have just bought your first horse. You are considering showing your horse, but the barn where you ride only has a public lesson program. You want to seek out another place to take your horse where you can benefit from the use of a trainer.