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RAMM Horse Fencing & Stalls has been helping horse owners with all aspects of horse fencing, horse stalls and everything equine related for over 25 years. We want give you our time tested experiences through numerous informative articles; readers find them to be informative and helpful. RAMM has been a “hub” for equine activity and has had ​numerous encounters with horse owners from the 4-H and Pony Club level, up to the World Championship and Olympic Rider level. 

Having the opportunity to work with such a diverse and fabulous group of horse owners and riders has given us valuable input for our readers. Many of our articles have been printed in horse magazines as well as builder's publications. We hope you learn more and enjoy reading further about “what works!”

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  • Gravel In My Barn Shoes

    Gravel In My Barn Shoes

    Summer is officially here, and it definitely feels like it with the warm, warm weather. I have switched the horses from day grazing to nightly grazing. It's 8:30 a.m. and time to bring them into the barn before the sun beats down and the flies flourish.

  • Shoo Fly

    Shoo Fly

    It's that time of year again - sunny skies, warm weather and those buzzing little pests that horses and humans detest. Of course, I am talking about flies.

  • New Year Resolutions

    New Year Resolutions

    Did you make any New Year resolutions after reflecting on the past year? Many of us vow to rededicate ourselves to family, jobs and spiritual well being. As equine owners, we have one more category to evaluate, our connection with our horses.

  • Stall Planning Pointers

    Stall Planning Pointers

    When it comes to laying out a stall barn, you want to give it as much attention as you would planning your own home. After all, this will be your horses home for many years. Be sure to plan enough space for each stall.

  • ThuroBed Mattress System: The Ultimate in Stall Flooring

    ThuroBed Mattress System: The Ultimate in Stall Flooring

    After a ten-hour trailer ride, my horses and I had finally made it from Pennsylvania to our new home in Ohio. I tossed and turned the entire evening worrying about how my boys were fairing in their new stalls.

  • Control Dust for a Healthier Riding Arena

    Control Dust for a Healthier Riding Arena

    Have you ever ridden in an indoor arena and not been able to see the other end? Do you find yourself or your horse coughing by the time you unsaddle? Is dust covering everything from your helmet or hat to your boots?

  • Fencing For Minis

    Fencing For Minis

    A mini is just what it sounds like, a miniaturized version of the average horse. Everything is smaller! Generally, minis check in at 34 inches or less, so you'll need to downsize everything when it comes to fencing.

  • How Many Rails?

    How Many Rails?

    The number of rails you choose has a lot to do with the kind of horses you own or have at your farm. How tall are your horses? Will you have foals, ponies, or minis in the future? The height of your fence will ultimately determine the appropriate number of rails.

  • Electric Twine and Polywire

    Electric Twine and Polywire

    This is the fourth in a series of articles outlining the variety of fencing options available and the conditions in which they work best. This month's piece will continue the electric fence trend by discussing Electric Twine and Polywire.

  • Life Lessons With Our Horses

    Life Lessons With Our Horses

    As I have owned horses my whole life, it can be hard for me to explain the relationship that occurs over time between owner and animal. Some owners are purely devoted to breeding and to having the mare that throws the perfect winner's circle foal.