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RAMM Horse Fencing & Stalls has been helping horse owners with all aspects of horse fencing, horse stalls and everything equine related for over 25 years. We want give you our time tested experiences through numerous informative articles; readers find them to be informative and helpful. RAMM has been a “hub” for equine activity and has had ​numerous encounters with horse owners from the 4-H and Pony Club level, up to the World Championship and Olympic Rider level. 

Having the opportunity to work with such a diverse and fabulous group of horse owners and riders has given us valuable input for our readers. Many of our articles have been printed in horse magazines as well as builder's publications. We hope you learn more and enjoy reading further about “what works!”

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  • Consumer Guide to Horse Stalls

    Consumer Guide to Horse Stalls

    This consumer guide will help the average person with some of the technical terms and the differences in horse stalls. Stalls are a huge investment and we want to make sure you ask the right questions and get the right information before you make any decisions. We want to help you invest your money in quality, safe products, whether it is from us or not. This is your horses' home and they need to be comfortable and safe for years to come.

  • Choosing the Right Fence

    Choosing the Right Fence

    Choosing the right fence is a little like choosing the right bridle. We want it to be functional, durable, and fit our budget. Of course, we also want it to look beautiful. Fortunately, we can have it all. This month, I share some of the choices available to you and where they work best.

    Let’s start with tensioned fence systems. They’ve been on the market here in the United States for several decades. Originally used in Italy in the 1950’s, tensioned fence systems revolutionized the horse fence industry. But those early versions of Polymer Tensioned Fences were difficult to install and required at least two people for installation. Due to the wire and rail design, tremendous torque was required to get the fence taut, but that tension would eventually pull the corner posts out of place. Today’s designs eliminate those problems.

  • Bracing the Tension Fence

    Bracing the Tension Fence

    Mention ‘tension fencing’ and three of your closest neighbors will say- ‘Oh! forget it!- it’s a bear to install!’ We used to think so, too, but our innovative Flex Fence®, made exclusively by RAMM, takes that ‘bear of a job’ and turns it into something anyone can do. Even so, our Flex Fence® still offers all the qualities we love; it gives on impact, it’s absolutely beautiful, and it’s virtually maintenance-free.

  • Extreme Farm Makeover

    Extreme Farm Makeover

    Satisfied and happy customers are what we like to hear at RAMM. Kathleen T. of Thunder Ranch and Training Center (Graham, WA) took the time to send us her 'story' of how an old farm can be transformed into a working boarding facility using RAMM fence and stalls! We want to thank Kathleen for sending us her 'before and after' pictures and in her own words, tells how she did an Extreme Farm Makeover! Thank you Kathleen! Keep us posted on any more updates that you make!

  • 10 Rules for Sweet Treats

    10 Rules for Sweet Treats

    If you’re like us, you’d spoil your horse every day of the year, but Valentine’s Day gives us an even better reason! And what better way to spoil our horses than by giving them special treats? Our horses love apples and carrots, of course, but sometimes we like to offer them the tasty store bought treats as well. These are often coated with molasses or other taste-bud tempters. Mmmm…

  • Equine Dentistry - An Important Part of Maintaining Your Horse's Health

    Equine Dentistry - An Important Part of Maintaining Your Horse's Health

    “Never look a gift horse in the mouth.” Whoever coined that old phrase probably never owned a horse. Because, when it comes to our horse’s well-being, looking in his mouth is exactly the right thing to do. Your horse’s teeth are essential to his good health. In a recent study funded by the Horse Trust at the University of Liverpool, England, veterinarians diagnosed dental problems in 95.4% of horses over the age of fifteen. Yet, only 24.5% of the owners were aware of any kind of problem!

  • Horse Owners of 2011

    Horse Owners of 2011

    In the beginning of 2011 we witnessed many storms across our country. Several customers told us about these incredible storms and damage that occurred to their homes and farms. Others sent us pictures to show us how their fencing withstood the high winds of tornados and floods. One particular customer sent in a picture of their barn roof that had fallen on the fencing and posts ~ all the while the fencing actually held the roof from completely falling to the ground! Many trees and large limbs from high winds fell ~ one customer actually had 2 storms that hit their farm, two different times. After the trees were cut and removed, the fence was re-tensioned without any major repairs. We were all so glad to hear that many farms pulled through and our hearts ached for the ones that struggled.

  • Becoming a New Horse Owner

    Becoming a New Horse Owner

    I have received many questions from horse owners, throughout the years at Ramm. The variety of these questions are so varied. They range from every horse product - fencing and stall installation to 'how to take care of horses'. Sometimes the questions are so loaded that my answers are filled with many ideas or tips. One such question was recently sent to me, and as you will see, these ideas are not just limited to new horse owners. It’s also a good reminder that from one horse person to another, there is so much that we can do to 'give' to others to help them get started on the right foot and 'hoof'! Read on and find out what this PA 'future horse owner' wants to know!

  • Holiday Horse Barn Decorating Ideas

    Holiday Horse Barn Decorating Ideas

    If simply being in the barn with your horses, even mucking the stalls on a rainy day, soothes and uplifts your spirits, think of how much more warming it is when you bring holiday décor and cheer into your barn – even the horses can tell the difference. Here are some holiday decorating ideas for your barn – both inside and out.

  • Christmas at the Ramm Barn

    Christmas at the Ramm Barn

    Cool December winds have come our way. As I look out the window I can see that the pond still has a thin layer of ice on it this afternoon. Soon the first true snow will fall and our Ohio region will look like a Currier and Ives picture! Stores are decorated for the holidays and shoppers are in full-swing hurrying to purchase gifts for loved ones. Inside our home, a warm cup of cocoa and a ginger snap tastes good. I’m saving some cookies for the horses, lettuce for the chickens and apples for the sheep and the reindeer. This is a time for giving...