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RAMM Horse Fencing & Stalls has been helping horse owners with all aspects of horse fencing, horse stalls and everything equine related for over 25 years. We want give you our time tested experiences through numerous informative articles; readers find them to be informative and helpful. RAMM has been a “hub” for equine activity and has had ​numerous encounters with horse owners from the 4-H and Pony Club level, up to the World Championship and Olympic Rider level. 

Having the opportunity to work with such a diverse and fabulous group of horse owners and riders has given us valuable input for our readers. Many of our articles have been printed in horse magazines as well as builder's publications. We hope you learn more and enjoy reading further about “what works!”

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  • Arena Conditioning

    Arena Conditioning

    Have you ever entered your schooling track or practice arena and felt like you were getting ready to ride on the surface of the moon? Craters, deep furrows, and road apples make for pretty uneven riding conditions.

  • Five Tips for Trailer Organization

    Five Tips for Trailer Organization

    The show season is well underway and, if you are like me, your once-organized horse trailer has turned into a not-so-organized disaster! Let’s face it, there's not much time between classes to neatly put clothing, tack and other horsey gear back into their prospective places.

  • Show Checklists

    Show Checklists

    In most areas of the country, summer is the height of show season. Equine competition is an entirely different, and very rewarding, aspect of horse ownership. The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, the joy in meeting and beating personal goals, and the chance to show off all of our hard work can teach us a lot.

  • The Low-Down on Dust-Down

    The Low-Down on Dust-Down

    It is February, and let's face it, whether the groundhog actually saw his shadow, we still have several weeks of winter left. To those of us in the North, that means if we're still riding, we're lucky enough to have an indoor arena.

  • Introducing the Novice to the Equine Industry

    Introducing the Novice to the Equine Industry

    You've always dreamed of having your own a horse. You don't have much experience with horses, and you are not quite sure where to start, but you know that you want to become involved in one way or another. So, where do you begin?

  • Gentle Reminders

    Gentle Reminders

    As with raising children, there is no handbook that tells us exactly how to care for our horses. Even seasoned, experienced horse owners need to keep up on ever-changing technology, medical and training ideas.

  • Get the Real Scoop on Stall Cleaning

    Get the Real Scoop on Stall Cleaning

    Cleaning a stall, or "mucking out," is one aspect of horse management that a lot of people wish they could skip. It is a dirty, sweaty job. However, I personally have always enjoyed performing this chore. It is one of the few aspects of working with horses that gives you instant gratification.

  • Preparing Your Barn For Baby

    Preparing Your Barn For Baby

    It's been almost eleven months now, and soon your mare will become a mother. Whether it's her first, your first, or you've both gone through this before; it's still an exciting event that has its share of expectations and preparations.

  • Rotational Grazing Keeps Pastures and Horses Healthier

    Rotational Grazing Keeps Pastures and Horses Healthier

    Hot summer weather can make keeping pastures healthy quite a daunting task. Lack of rain and high temperatures increase grazing stress, which can cause poor re-growth and reduce grazing time.

  • Fencing and Handling Stallions

    Fencing and Handling Stallions

    Nothing stirs a horse lover's heart quite like the sight of a magnificent stallion. What an incredible representative of the animal kingdom!