Flex Fence Accessories

Revolutionary hardware provides the easiest flexible horse fence installation on the market. The engineering behind RAMM's Flex Fence end tighteners and end plates allow for a ‘one person’ installation. Each Flex Fence component is important for a successful Flex Fence installation. With little-to-no maintenance, Flex Fence gives you more time to ride! 

  • End Tighteners – Start your Flex Fence rail. *You can also terminate your runs with these, thus replacing the end plates.
  • End Plates – Terminate your Flex Fence rail.
  • Splice Plates – Splice/connect two rails of Flex Fence together.
  • 12.5- Gauge Wire Link - Another splicing method, commonly used with coated wire. You would need three wire links to replace using a splice plate kit.
  • Line Post Bracket Bundle – 56 line post brackets and 112 nails. This kit is calculated for a 660' roll of Flex Fence on 12' post spacing.
  • Line Post Brackets – Individual line brackets (nails are not included)
  • High-Tensile Wire Cutters – Cut cleanly through Flex Fence high-tensile steel wires on the first attempt, with little effort.
  • Fence Pliers – A versatile tool to have in your tool bag when installing or repairing horse fencing!
  • Ratchet Handle – This 15" long ratchet handle gives you the leverage and torque you need when tensioning Flex Fence.
  • Diagonal Brace Plates – Attach brace posts to your corner and end posts. Posts are the backbone of every fencing system. *We recommend not cutting "corners" on your support posts.


RAMM's Flex Fence warranty coverage includes any cracking, peeling, chipping, discoloration, manufacturer's defect, or UV weathering. It does not cover abuse or misuse; we recommend using the manufacturer's installation instructions:


Have questions about horse fence? We welcome you to call us at 1-800-434-6296 to speak with a friendly RAMM account manager. You may also visit our Horse Fence FAQs page for the most common questions we have regarding horse fence installations.

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