Flex Fence® End Plate


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The Flex Fence® end plate is used to terminate your Flex Fence® rail. The end plate captures the fence rail between the end plate and wood post. The rounded design of the plates makes it safe for your horses.

Compatibility: Flex Fence®
Posts Compatibility: Wood

Flex Fence® End Plate
Item Description

Our revolutionary hardware provides the easiest Flex Fence® installation on the market. Our one person tightening system, coupled with the end plate, makes the fence easier to tighten. You never have to tighten or loosen Flex Fence® from winter to summer. The simplified end plates allow for a one-person install. It's the easiest installation out of any flexible style fencing system in the equine industry market.

Tool CompatibilityRatchet Handle

- "The end plates arrived and have been installed. So much better than the old method from years ago!!!" - Carol, OR

- "My first flex project I did, I had to wrap and staple my ends. This time I was able to get the end pieces and it makes for a much more finished look."