Horseman Mesh Fence (OBSOLETE)


Horseman Mesh fencing is made from both 12.5 and 10 gauge wires. The horseman fencing is designed so that horses can not get their legs through the fence and also hinder predators from getting in. Features class 3 galvanization.

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Horseman Mesh Fence (OBSOLETE)
Item Description

The Horseman Mesh fence helps to keep predators out while keeping your horses and livestock contained. This mesh fence is much more effective than traditional high tensile wire and board fencing systems. The closely spaced woven design helps prevent horses from “stepping through” or “walking down” the fence.

The special knot design of the Horseman Mesh helps prevent damage to your horse’s skin, while making these horse fences more rigid to withstand most animal impact while protecting against abrasions.

Class 3 Galvanization, which has 2.5 times the zinc coating of traditional mesh fencing. Gives you a life span between 15 to 20 years.







- Thank you for all the help since this fence project started. I have the mesh installed and the Flex rail on the outside. It looks wonderful and I know not only my horses are safe but my dogs are too. Again Thank you for all the time spent helping me. I love my fence.

- I love the mesh fence I have up from RAMM. I have the class 3 mesh that I know will last a lot longer then what my local stores were offering. We installed this last year and it's holding up great by the way.

- Superior quality to what is available locally. glad I ordered CZ

- My installer told me this was the best quality mesh fencing that he has ever worked with. Melissa, TN