Pro-Line Stall Partitions

  • Pro-Line Grilled Horse Stall Partition


    Pro-Line Grilled Horse Stall Partition

    Our pro-line grilled partition is affordably priced. It can be used as a stall divider or a stall wall. We use 14-gauge steel body with 16-gauge steel bars for the grill work. Help the flow of ventilation through your horse barn with grilled partitions.

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  • Pro-Line Privacy Horse Stall Partition Kit

    SKU: PLPP48

    Pro-Line Privacy Horse Stall Partition Kit

    This grilled privacy partition offers extra ventilation between each horse stall, but for horses that might be a little shy. The Pro-Line series offers superior quality at an economical price. These DIY kits are quick and easy to install in any barn.

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  • Solid Partition Kit


    Solid Partition Kit

    This is a do-it-yourself, high quality solid partition kit. These partitions are used as stall walls or stall dividers. They are made out of galvanized steel for good rust protection. Add your own wood to save on costs or let RAMM supply it for you.

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Pro-Line Horse Stall partitions are an economical and very affordable option for kit Horse Stalls in your barn. These partitions include screws and detailed instructions for assembly and have a long life with excellent rust protection.

Our Pro-Line economy Stall Partitions are easy to install and are non-corrosive, and have a galvanized finish that is made through a process of electro-galvanization. With these stalls, we believe that you can’t build a quality stall unless you start with quality material, in this case, 14-gauge steel for the body of the stall, and 16-gauge steel bars for the grillwork.