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Posts Compatibility: Wood, T-Posts, PVC, & Fiberglass

Pro-Tek 1.5
Item Description

RAMM's Pro-Tek 1.5" electric tape is a popular and economical electric fence made of polyethylene fibers woven with 15 stainless steel wires. The stainless steel wires won’t oxidize, corrode, or turn green over time like copper. Conductivity is also stronger with stainless steel so this horse fence won’t lose its initial strength as time passes - keeping your horse(s) safe and your fence working properly long past the 20-year LTD warranty! 

Pro-Tek electric tape has Ultra-Violet (UV) protection against damaging rays. It is highly visible and can be used alone or with existing fence systems. Pro-Tek electric tape is ideal as an interior reinforcement for Flex Fence, board, and PVC fencing. It also works great as a temporary or traveling fence solution. This affordable electric horse fencing solution has the right price and exceptional quality. *Only available at RAMM. For more photos and ideas, we welcome you to visit our Pro-Tek Tape Pinterest board section.

Installation Tips

Following RAMM’s installation instructions will make this fencing solution an optimal choice for a “weekend warrior” project as it can be easily installed with just hand-tensioning. We suggest concreting in your corner and end posts for the stability and longevity of your horse fencing system. You can choose to install your electric horse fence system on many different post types: wood, t-posts, PVC, or fiberglass.

  • End Tensioning: Tension and terminate your Pro-Tek electric tape runs with a tape end tensioner.
  • Corner Tensioning: When two rail ends of Pro-Tek electric tape meet in a corner, you will need a tape corner tensioner.
  • Splicing: Running two ends of Pro-Tek electric tape through the tape splice buckle will connect the two rail ends together.
  • Connection: To run the electric current to your Pro-Tek electric tape, you will need to run your burial wire and Pro-Tek electric tape through a stainless steel split bolt or you can jump your electric current from rail to rail with a contact clamp.


Warranty: Pro-Tek 1.5" electric tape has a 20-Year LTD Warranty against manufacturer's defect or UV weathering. It does not cover abuse or misuse; we recommend using the manufacturer's installation instructions. The warranty will be void if your fence posts are spaced over 15’ apart or if your fence rail makes “twists”. *Note: 12' post spacing (or less for high-traffic areas) is suggested; it significantly decreases the odds of injury.

- "I received my order at the end of last week and I am pleased with it so far. I am impressed with the durable quality." - Mikaelah, ME

- "I have been using this fencing for over 22 years and it has been great! Easy to maintain and safe for the horses! Thanks again Luke and Ramm fencing!" - Beth, VA

- "Got it in great shape! Am liking it a lot." - Janelle, MI

- "I received everything I ordered from both of my orders each within 24 hours of placing the order. It was fantastic! I am totally in love with the Pro-Tek fence, and it looks wonderful." - Danielle

- "I just did one more fence line to match the previous fencing we did. We love it. Good horse-safe fencing!"