72" Ground Rod & Clamp


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Ground rods are used to ground electric fence systems. They also protect the investment you have in your fencing system(s) and fence charger(s). If you have a lot of lightning, think about adding an additional ground rod and lightning arrestor!

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These individual ground rods should be placed at least 25' feet from your fence charger and near the fence line, but at least 50' away from another grounding system. A ground rod closer than 50' from a waterline (even if the waterline is plastic) may cause signal interference on your home computer, phone, radio, or TV. Ground rods closer than 25’ from the fence charger may damage the charger during electrical storms.

Note: We recommend a minimum of three ground rods spaced at least 10' apart in a vertical configuration. For added effectiveness, include an additional (4th) ground rod at the furthest point away from the initial three rods.