Mud Management

Having muddy areas can cause serious problems down the road both for your horses and your property. Mud costs money – causing vet bills, maintenance, and temporary mud solutions. We have two very great options when it comes to solving your muddy woes:

  • Mud Management by RAMM: The flexible high-density polyethylene (HDPE) panels confine the gravel footing material in a series of 3" deep interconnecting cells. This limits the displacement of gravel from the downward action of the hooves and holds the footing in place against erosive forces such as heavy rainfall from other areas. It can be filled with any type of angular crushed rock to provide superior stabilization to the paddock footing.*This is the only product that can install over existing muddy ground.

  • Stall Grids: The development in the configuration of the grid was designed specifically for horses' hooves. With the Stall Grid installed, the flooring will be mud-free by preventing soil compaction and creating better drainage, thus allowing horses to move better. This is a quick and easy install; the edges interlock/snap together!