How Tall Should My Horse Fence Be?

Most horse owners position their top rail at wither height, which typically ranges between 52"-54" tall. This will give you a fence the proper height for owning taller horses.

RAMM Tip: Utilizing an electric fence for your top rail will help to prevent any would-be jumpers from exiting your fence system and possible injury. RAMM has four exclusive electric horse fence solutions to choose from:

  • Shockline Flex Fence Electric Coated Wire – Shockline Flex Fence electric coated wire has 1,400 pounds of break strength per rail and is the strongest electric fence RAMM carries! This affordable, Class-3 12.5-gauge high-tensile wire fencing features RAMM's exclusive polyethylene coating for added safety & visibility, along with 3 conductive purified carbon strips to conduct electricity more efficiently than other types of fencing conductors. Shockline is a much safer alternative than traditional fencing; the thick, protective polymer coating allowing the rail to ‘roll’ and flex up to 6"-8" on impact.

  • Pro-Tek 1.5" Electric Tape – RAMM's Pro-Tek 1.5" electric tape is made up of 15 stainless steel wires, woven with polyethylene fibers. The stainless steel wires won’t oxidize, corrode, or turn green over time like copper. Conductivity is also stronger with stainless steel so this horse fence won’t lose its initial strength as time passes - keeping your horse(s) safe and your fence working properly long past the 20-year LTD warranty! 

  • Pro-Tek Braided Electric – Pro-Tek braided electric horse fencing comes in 1320' rolls and has become a popular choice for horse owners because it's economical and visible. There are 16 stainless steel conductors woven through the polyethylene fibers so you can be sure you're getting strength, flexibility, rust-resistance, and a psychological deterrent (keeping horses and unwanted guests/predators away from the fence). Pro-Tek braided electric has a 1/4” diameter rail and comes in the color of white with a black tracer; creating a speckled appearance. Pro-Tek braided electric comes with a 30-year limited warranty!

  • Pro-Tek Electric Rope – Pro-Tek electric rope is RAMM's most affordable electric horse fencing system. It comes in 656' rolls and is very easy to install! With maximum UV protection and great visibility, Pro-Tek electric rope can be used as either a permanent or a temporary horse fencing system that's used for grazing purposes. Pro-Tek electric rope is backed by a 12-year warranty.