What Fence Insulators Do I Need? 

There are so many electric fence insulators available; ​many customers are unsure what insulators are compatible with the fence or posts they have or are purchasing. This guide will help you determine what solution will work best for your property! 

What electric fence system do you have?

Shockline Flex Fence Electric Coated Wire

Shockline is a high-tensile coated wire fence system so we recommend CCA pressure-treated wood posts. However, t-posts are acceptable for line posts, but do not use t-posts for your corners, ends, or gate posts; the tension will collapse the fence system inward. Shockline also has the option to be added to pipe fencing. So what insulators will you need for Shockline?


Wood Posts




  • Corner & Line Posts – If you're adding an electric rail to pipe fence, ring insulator clamps can be used to attach Shockline to the outside of ​a pipe rail.



Pro-Tek 1.5" Electric Tape

With Pro-Tek Tape, ​all end/gate and corner posts need wood posts and insulators are not used. Pro-Tek Tape's rail starts and stops with tape end tensioner and when two rails meet in a corner you will need a tape corner tensioner instead of insulators.


Wood Posts



Round Rod Posts

  • Line Posts – If you're installing Pro-Tek Tape on fiberglass or steel round rod posts, you will need to use round rod tape insulators.


Pro-Tek Braided Electric, Pro-Tek Electric Rope, & ElectroBraid™

All of the braided/rope electric fence options on the market can use the same insulators – regardless of being stainless steel or copper (which is only different with electric connections and grounding).


Wood Posts



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