12.5-Gauge Wire Vise, Galvanized

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Securely anchor your Raceline Flex Fence coated wire fence rail to an end post with a 12.5-gauge wire vise. The teeth inside prevent the fence rail from releasing, thus sustaining tension.

Compatibility: Raceline

12.5-Gauge Wire Vise, Galvanized
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Securely anchor your Raceline Flex Fence coated wire fencing to end posts with our one-way entry, non-release 12.5-gauge wire vise. The wire vise's teeth inside prevent the fencing from releasing back out, thus sustaining tension.

Installation: Drill a 7⁄16" hole through the end post and pull the high-tensile wire through. Then put the 12.5-gauge wire vise on the high-tensile wire and tap it lightly into the hole. If final tensioning is to be done, pull the high-tensile wire to the end post with a chain grab, then push the slack through the 12.5-gauge wire vise.



- I use these on my bare hitensile for the cow pastures and on the coated wire for the horses. Works great, thanks.