Pro-Tek Electric Rope Horse Fence

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Pro-Tek electric rope comes in 660' rolls and can either be used as a permanent or temporary horse fencing system. It's easy to install, has maximum UV protection, and great visibility! *Only available at RAMM.

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Posts Compatibility: Wood, T-Posts, PVC, & Fiberglass

Pro-Tek Electric Rope Horse Fence
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 Pro-Tek electric rope is RAMM's most affordable electric horse fencing system. It comes in 660' rolls and is very easy to install! With maximum UV protection and great visibility, Pro-Tek electric rope can be used as either a permanent or a temporary horse fencing system for rotational grazing, separating paddocks, and many other purposes. Pro-Tek electric rope is backed by a 12-year warranty. *Only available at RAMM. For more photos and ideas, we welcome you to visit our Pro-Tek Rope Pinterest board section.

An electric fence can be a useful tool for teaching horses to respect their boundaries and RAMM's exclusive Pro-Tek electric rope can help you achieve this. The electric current running through the rope signals ”stay away” to horses, much like a kick or nip from the dominant horse in the herd. Horses feel the ”bite” and learn to stay away from fence lines. This will help slow down the wear and tear on your electric fencing system, providing you with more years of protection and containment!

Installation Tips

  • Tensioning: You can tension the Pro-Tek electric rope horse fencing system with wire tighteners or with the ElectroBraid™ tension kit (yes, it's compatible).
  • Splicing: Running two ends of Pro-Tek electric rope through the electric rope splice will connect the two rail ends together.
  • Connection: To run the electric current to your Pro-Tek electric rope, you will need to run your burial wire and Pro-Tek electric rope rail through an electric rope splice.

    *Note: Pro-Tek electric rope is a stainless steel-based fence system and is not compatible with copper-based products. If you need to connect a copper wire or ElectroBraid™ to a Pro-Tek rail, you will need to use a neutral plate connector.

- "I am so glad I bought this fence. I just love it and it was so easy to install. Thanks, Ramm Fence for a great product!"

- "This Pro-Tek Rope is great for someone who wants a good fence that will last but still at a good price. Love my fence, thanks!"

- "Hi, I like the e-mail newsletter. I also want to say that we spoke with your representatives a couple of years ago and ordered the wide ribbon and also the rope (electric) fencing. It came without any problems and has been up since with no noticeable deterioration. We had in the past two different kinds of ribbon fencing and both rotted due to what I believe was ultra violet problems. Keep up the good work and I will keep enjoying the e-mail newsletter and the fencing. I also got our neighbor to switch to your fencing…. Thank you."

- "This is the perfect fence for separating a pasture. We use it every spring so the ponies don't eat too much of the new green grass. It goes up so easy with the plastic posts and you can take it down and move it around as you need."

- "I am taking the time to write this letter ( of which I normally wouldn't do ) about your fencing we bought from you, the rope type, with the stainless steel woven into it. I have to say it was wonderful to work with to put it up this summer, it is now late fall almost winter, we, my husband and I, live in northern Idaho, we had a big wind storm come through the other day. Walking the fence line of our 10 acres we had 9 trees down on the fence, ranging from 4" to about 14" in diameter, I couldn't believe the fence held up, even the big trees only took down the top 2 rows of the 4 rows of rope fencing , and only in between T posts that are at 12 foot spacing were not even moved. ( I know your fencing can be ranged up to 50 feet in T posts, of which we also have, on the interior ) so we got out the chain saw cut the trees off of the fence and I tightened it up and all was well, no horses out , and no problems. What a product, I have never written a letter like this and probably never will again. I'm 43 years old, my husband is 52 and we are not new at fencing, we have always had horses, and a few cows (now and then) we have tried a lot of different types of fencing, on different properties we have owned, and because my husband has a bad bad back, I have to say it was a very nice product to work with by my self to string the 10 acres because your rolls only weigh 36 lbs, I think a woman must have invented this!!!"