Pro-Tek Electric Tape Accessories

Now that you have your Pro-Tek 1.5" Electric Tape horse fencing selected, you will need to install your fence properly with compatible accessories. Using the proper accessories, where recommended, will ensure your fence is installed for long-lasting use.

Installation Tips:  Following RAMM’s installation instructions will make this fencing solution an optimal choice for a “weekend warrior” project as it can be easily installed with just hand-tensioning. We suggest concreting in your corner and end posts for the stability and longevity of your horse fencing system. You can choose to install your electric horse fence system on many different post types: wood, t-posts, PVC, or fiberglass.

  • End Tensioning: Tension and terminate your Pro-Tek electric tape runs with a tape end tensioner.
  • Corner Tensioning: When two rail ends of Pro-Tek electric tape meet in a corner, you will need a tape corner tensioner.
  • Splicing: Running two ends of Pro-Tek electric tape through the tape splice buckle will connect the two rail ends together.
  • Connection: To run the electric current to your Pro-Tek electric tape, you will need to run your burial wire and Pro-Tek electric tape through a stainless steel split bolt or you can jump your electric current from rail to rail with a contact clamp.



  • (R50*) Tape Corner Tensioners (2-Pack) – The electric tape corner tensioner is used when two rails of your 1.5" Pro-Tek electric tape come together in a corner. It may also be used for any elevation change greater than 19°. Very easy to install! Sold in packs of 2.

  • (R40*) Tape End Tensioners (2-Pack) – Tape end tensioners terminate your 1.5" Pro-Tek electric tape at the ends and gate posts. They securely hold the tape rail and keeps the electricity where it should be - on the fence rails, not the posts! Sold in packs of 2.

  • (R24) Tape Splice Buckle – The stainless steel tape splice buckle is similar to the end tensioner bracket; it securely holds the 1.5" electric tape in place. The splice buckle is used to join two rails of Pro-Tek electric tape together. It can also repair any tape webbing.

  • (TRIANGLE) Tape Triangle Tensioner – The tape triangle tensioners can be used with end and corner tensioners to terminate electric tape horse fencing at the end & gate posts. It securely holds Pro-Tek Tape and keeps the electricity in the fence rails, not the posts. Sold individually.



  • (R16*) Universal Post Tape Insulators (25-Pack) – Made from polyethylene, these universal post tape insulators are impact-resistant and protected against UV deterioration. When attached, the locking face holds the electric tape tight reducing wind vibration. Posts Compatibility: Vinyl & Wood

  • (TP25*) T-Post Tape Insulators (25-Pack) – These t-post tape insulators will clip onto the steel t-posts to hold your electric horse fencing. They accommodate for the standard-sized t-posts (1.25 or 1.33/ft.) and feature a snap-on/snap-off fastening system. Posts Compatibility: T-Posts

  • (R4TR*) T-Post Toppers (10-Pack) – Built with high-density polyethylene and UV stabilizers, the t-post toppers were made to handle the roughest weather conditions and grip tight to the t-posts to stop the fencing from whipping around. Posts Compatibility: T-Posts

  • (RP25W) Round Rod Tape Insulators (25-Pack) – These round rod tape insulators accommodate electric tape up to 1.5" wide. They slide right over the round rods and screw in place for a tight, secure hold. They are impact-resistant and are made in the USA. Posts Compatibility: Fiberglass or Steel Round Rods

  • (EXWP25W) 3.5" Extended Wood Post Tape Insulators (25-Pack) – These insulators extend electric tape fencing 3.5" away from wood fence posts. This will help keep your horses away and protect your fencing system. Posts Compatibility: Wood

  • (EXTP25W) 3.5" Extended T-Post Tape Insulators (25-Pack) – The extended t-post insulators help extend electric tape fencing 3.5" away from t-posts to help protect the fence line. They feature a snap-on/snap-off fastening system. Posts Compatibility: T-Posts



  • (SBOLT) Stainless Steel Split Bolt – This stainless steel split bolt is designed to provide an electrically tight connection from the burial wire to your fence rail while allowing wires to be disconnected for troubleshooting. It can hold up to four, 12.5-gauge wires. Compatibility: Shockline & Pro-Tek Tape

  • (R9) Contact Clamp – The contact clamp is used when a tensioner can't reach the electric fence charger. Connect your contact clamp to the electric fence charger on one end and to the Pro-Tek tape rail on the other to make the electrical current hot. Compatibility: Pro-Tek Tape


Gate Supplies: 

  • (R22*) Electric Tape Gate Kit – This is a great electric tape gate kit and comes with everything you need! The electric gate kit is compatible with our 1.5" Pro-Tek electric tape and can be installed as either temporary or permanent horse fencing containment.

  • (R12*) Electric Tape Gate Handle – This electric tape gate handle has an easy installation and is used for your electric tape gate openings. Our electric tape gate handle prevents you from getting shocked and can be adjusted up to 20'.


Do you have questions about Pro-Tek 1.5" Electric Tape fence supplies you need for your project? We welcome you to call us at 1-800-434-6296 to speak with a friendly RAMM account manager. You may also visit our Horse Fence FAQs page for the most common questions we have regarding horse fence installations. *For more photos and ideas, we welcome you to visit our Pro-Tek Tape Pinterest board section.