PVC Fence


PVC fence can add beauty to your property and give your farm the appearance of excellence for years to come. Vinyl fencing is very low maintenance and has UV stabilizers in them so they will not discolor or fade over time.

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PVC Fence
Item Description

The RAMM PVC fence can add beauty to your property and give your farm the appearance of excellence for years to come. This PVC farm fence has the post-and-board look without the maintenance of replacing broken boards. Posts are double walled and rails have re-enforcing ribs inside for stability. If you’re looking for a fast way to improve the look of your farm and provide privacy, few horse fences have the clean lines and sharp features like rigid PVC fencing. Vinyl fencing is highly visible and visually attractive. A huge reason for its popularity is that maintenance of vinyl fence is almost non-existent. There’s no painting required.

The Manufacturer’s Lifetime-Limited Warranty covers fading from sun damage, cracking, peeling or chipping and is protected from Ultra-Violet (UV) rays with state-of-the-art technology. We feature 2, 3, and 4 rail styles. RAMM PVC fencing comes in white, and parts included are: posts, rails, and post caps. Basic post caps are included, but other options are available upon request.

It’s true that other vinyl fencing can be found at your local hardware and farm supply stores; however, be sure to check warranties and higher quality products when you start your PVC horse fencing project! RAMM PVC is environmentally friendly and will not contaminate the water or the soil.

Due to the nature of PVC Vinyl fencing and the fact that it has no definite breaking capacity, we recommend it as a decorative fence around your yard, arena or driveway. If you choose to use PVC as horse fence containment, we HIGHLY recommend using electric fencing to protect you and your horses. Remember that these horse fences are not 100% horse proof; however, some are more effective. At RAMM, we believe the PVC Fence is safer than high tensile wire horse fencing and other traditional styles of fencing, but it is better to be safe when dealing with large animals.

Please browse our RAMM flex fence horse fence section and electric horse fencing systems for more options for your farm. Call one of our equine products representatives at 1-800-434-8456, for a free estimate on your PVC farm fence project.

- Love the look of white PVC fence. However, I should have gone with dark wood instead. You have to pressure clean this fence all the time or the mildew green makes it look awful. My neighbor has a dark stained wood, she never has to paint or clean her fence.

- We love this fence, it adds a good look to the property and has lasted us several years without hick-ups.

- We installed PVC several years ago and just love it. It real adds an estate quality to our little farm.

- We purchased about a truckload of 4 Rail PVC this past spring, we just love it, it really dresses up the front of the property. We are so happy with the service from RAMM that we are going to order Flex Rail for the horses pastures! Thank you so much for the srevice and all your help in this project!

- We use the 4 rail PVC down both sides of our long driveway back to the barn. It is so beautiful and by using the 1 1/2 electric tape with it, the horse have additional turn out and stay off the fence. It has become our barns signature.