Welded Stall Doors

  • Welded Grilltop Door Kit

    SKU: WWA*

    Welded Grilltop Door Kit

    The welded grill top door features our interior hidden quality welds. The welds are on the inside for a smooth, clean look with no sharp weld burrs. This means safety for your horses inside each horse stall.

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  • Welded V-Door Kit

    SKU: WWB*

    Welded V-Door Kit

    Let the fresh air in with our welded v-door. Ventilation is key and does not happen on accident. With our welded v-door your horses will get the fresh air they need in the safety of their stalls. V-doors are removable.

    V-Insert is NOT included. You can purchase it here.

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  • Welded Full Grill Door Kit

    SKU: KWWG*

    Welded Full Grill Door Kit

    The full grill door allows you to see everything going on inside of the horse stall and offers superior ventilation. The shavings guard at the bottom of the door keeps the aisle way clear of debris.

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  • Welded Full Grill Stall V-Door

    SKU: WWH*

    Welded Full Grill Stall V-Door

    The welded full grill v-door is made from galvanized steel. Steel is much denser than aluminum, three times as much. This means that our steel stall doors are more durable than aluminum stall doors.

    V-Insert is NOT included. You can purchase it here.

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  • Welded Full Mesh Door Kit

    SKU: WWI*

    Welded Full Mesh Door Kit

    The full mesh stall provides the maximum amount of ventilation, while providing maximum containment. These stall doors are great for the young; they can't get their hooves or legs caught in the mesh.

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  • Welded Grilltop / Mesh Bottom Door Kit

    SKU: WWJ*

    Welded Grilltop / Mesh Bottom Door Kit

    This fully welded horse stall door is safe for all ages. The mesh bottom is great for the young and the top grill section prevents horses' hooves getting caught if they rear up. Both allows for an ample amount of fresh air.

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  • Welded V-Door / Mesh Bottom Door Kit

    SKU: WWK*

    Welded V-Door / Mesh Bottom Door Kit

    The welded mesh v-door is built for durability and longevity. It is all welded together to form one solid structure. The added v-door allows your horses to be able to socialize with other passing horses.

    V-Insert is NOT included. You can purchase it here.

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  • Full-Swing Gate Kit

    SKU: KSSD*

    Full-Swing Gate Kit

    Provides excellent ventilation for those hot summer days. Let's clean, fresh air enter the horse stalls at an economical price. These swing gates are great for wash and tack rooms as well. The bars are close enough that your horses can't get stuck.

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  • Half-Swing Gate Kit

    SKU: KSSC*

    Half-Swing Gate Kit

    Keep your horses cool with our half-swing grill gates. These gates are able to be installed behind your sliding door(s) to allow for the maximum amount of fresh air into a horse stall while still making sure they stay within their stalls.

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  • Full Mesh Swing Gate Kit

    SKU: KSSF*

    Full Mesh Swing Gate Kit

    Larger version of the half swing mesh gate. Keep barn cats and other small animals out with this swing gate that is capable going all the way down to your horse stall floor. Mounts to the inside of your equine stall support posts and open inward.

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  • Half-Swing Mesh Gate Kit

    SKU: KSSE*

    Half-Swing Mesh Gate Kit

    Heavy duty mesh swing gate is an economical way to let your horses socialize with other horses in their stalls and that pass by in the aisle-ways. Mounts inside of your support posts and opens inward into the stalls.

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Welded stall doors are available as a: Grill-Top Door, 'V' Door, Mesh Door, Mesh-Grill Door, or as a Solid Door. Each option lets you choose exactly the kind of door you’d like for your horses’ needs. Welded stall doors can come with either a galvanized or powder-coat painted finish (custom colors are always available).

Our Welded stall doors feature very strong and professional welds that will give your horse stall(s) a cleaner look, with superior rust protection. They make for a great addition to any equine facility, arena or barn.