Automatic Fly & Mosquito Spray System


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This 55-gallon Automatic Fly & Mosquito Spray System keeps all of those nasty pests away from your horses and livestock! This kit includes everything you need for up-to 8 horse stalls.

Automatic Fly & Mosquito Spray System
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Keep those pests away from your horses and other livestock. With our fly and mosquito control systems, flies, mosquitoes and many other insects are eliminated in 60 seconds or less. Additionaly, interrupts the breeding cycle and insects can not develop an immunity to this formula.

Our fly control systems use natural, safe fly control products. The insecticides are biodegradable, environmentally safe (meets all requirements by the EPA), and are approved to be used around warm blooded animals and humans. 

*Note: This system is made for up to eight horse stalls, but can be expanded by using additional nozzle kits.

- The system is WONDERFUL - we have gone from flies buzzing everywhere to almost no flies. The system works exactly as you said, and installation was relatively simple. Again, thanks for your help and quick response.

- Works great, very happy!!!

- I purchased the fly spray system years ago and can't see why I didn't purchase it before! My horses are bite free and my barn actually smells good. -Katy located in TN

- This system is such a top grade, heavy duty System. So very happy with it. TH

- We are really happy with the fly spray system. Our barn even smells good!