Electric Horse Fence

Electric horse fence is one of the most effective horse fencing methods for one simple reason: it offers a similar, natural response large animals are accustomed to in a herd environment. Horses respect a bite, kick, or nip from a more dominant horse. The electric fence acts as the Alpha, providing that "nip" to teach horses to respect their barrier. The "bite" that the horse feels from these fencing systems is short-lived and doesn't physically harm them. It's important for your horses' safety that they respect their electric fence boundaries so they do injure themselves.

RAMM customers choose electric fencing systems due to its versatility, cost-effectiveness, and dependability. Electric horse fencing is one of the most economical horse fencing options available. It can help prevent wear-and-tear on other horse fencing systems, teach horses to respect the electric fence line, or create a safer environment when two paddocks share a common fence. Many horse owners create a safer, longer-lasting fence with the use of electricity.

We offer a variety of different electric horse fencing systems:

  • Shockline Flex Fence Electric Coated Wire – RAMM customers' favorite Shockline Flex Fence is constructed with class-3 12.5-gauge steel high-tensile wire covered with a polyethylene coating utilizing 3 conductive carbon strips. This electric fence has 1,400 pounds of break strength per rail and is the strongest electric fence RAMM carries! Shockline is a much safer alternative than traditional fencing; the thick, protective polymer coating allowing the rail to ‘roll’ and flex up to 6"-8" on impact. It is available in white, black, and brown and is backed by a 20-Year Limited Warranty.  *Only available at RAMM.

  • Pro-Tek Electric Tape – This 1.5" electric tape fence is highly-visible and has 15 stainless steel wires woven with polyethylene fibers. Conductivity is stronger with stainless steel so this horse fence won’t lose its conductivity strength as time passes - keeping your horse(s) safe and your fence working properly long past the 20-year LTD warranty! Pro-Tek 1.5" Electric Tape horse fence is available in black, brown, or white in either 1320' or 660' roll lengths.  *Only available at RAMM.
  • Pro-Tek Braided Electric – Available in 1320' rolls and has 16 stainless steel conductors woven through the polyester fibers. Unlike copper-based fence options (which can corrode and stain the color of your fence), Pro-Tek braided electric fencing will have long-lasting beauty and conductivity. Pro-Tek braided electric comes with a 30-year limited warranty!  *Only available at RAMM.
  • Pro-Tek Electric Rope – Pro-Tek electric rope is RAMM's most affordable electric horse fencing option. It comes in 656' rolls and is very easy to install! With maximum UV protection and great visibility, Pro-Tek electric rope can be used as either a permanent or a temporary horse fencing system for rotational grazing, separating paddocks, and many other purposes. Pro-Tek electric rope is backed by a 12-year warranty.  *Only available at RAMM.
  • ElectroBraid™ – A copper-based electric horse fence option that is available in black, speckled, or white in 1000' rolls. ElectroBraid™ is both a physical barrier and a psychological deterrent; it is highly visible to horses, strong, durable, and resilient.
  • Are you planning a trail ride camping trip and want to contain your horse? Consider taking along a 50'x50' portable electric camping corral; it's an excellent electric fence solution for small areas where animals need to be moved, contained, and/or protected.


Each electric horse fence option has different hardware needed to complete your installation. Below are the main categories, but all of the available electric fence accessories can be found here.

  • Grounding – The grounding system works as an alternative route for electrical current to follow back to the ground, in case something should go wrong with the wiring.
  • Connectors & Tensioners – Electric horse fence connectors and tensioners ensure your fence system has the proper tension and conductivity to protect your horses. Electricity travels around the outside of a wire, as opposed to through the wire, so to determine what connectors you will need is based on the metal used to conduct the electricity (stainless steel ​or copper). Understanding the difference is important before installing your fence system. You can read more about the difference between fence conductors here.
  • Fence Chargers – Fence chargers send the electrical current through your fence system. Choose from either plug-in, solar, or battery chargers. If you need to test your electric fence to see if it is working properly, there are fence testers available.
  • Insulators – Insulators are used to keep the electric current running down the fence rail. ​RAMM insulators feature simplified installation methods and have been field-tested. If you have horses that are coming in contact with your fence or like the other side (where the grass is always greener), extended insulators may be best. If you're unsure what insulators are compatible with your fence and/or posts be sure to check this electric fence insulators guide.


No matter what fencing option you consider, it's important to remember that horses are wild animals and their behavior can be unpredictable. Although electric horse fencing is a safer alternative to fencing options of the past (high-tensile wire, barbed wire, board fencing), there is no totally safe fence. Accidents can happen with any fencing product, and that's why following installation instructions and manufacturer's suggestions are so important. Do everything you can to set up your fencing correctly, and you will greatly reduce the risk of injury to your horses.

If you have installation or planning questions, we encourage you to call us at 1-800-434-6296 to speak with a friendly RAMM account manager. You may also visit our Horse Fence FAQs page for the most common questions we have regarding horse fence installations.

Electric Fence FAQs