Pro-Tek Braided Electric Horse Fence

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Pro-Tek Braid Accessories
Posts Compatibility: Wood, T-Posts, PVC, & Fiberglass

Pro-Tek Braided Electric Horse Fence
Item Description

Pro-Tek braided electric horse fencing comes in 1320' rolls and has become a popular choice for horse owners because it's economical and visible. There are 16 stainless steel conductors woven through the polyester fibers so you can be sure you're getting strength, flexibility, rust resistance, and a psychological deterrent (keeping horses and unwanted guests/predators away from the fence). Pro-Tek braided electric has a 1/4” diameter rail and comes in the color of white with a black tracer; creating a speckled appearance.

Unlike copper, which can corrode and stain the color of your fence, Pro-Tek braided electric fencing will have long-lasting beauty and conductivity. The UV inhibitors in the Pro-Tek braided electric give longer life to your fence system protecting it from the sun's powerful UV rays. Pro-Tek braided electric comes with a 30-year limited warranty! *Only available at RAMM. For more photos and ideas, we welcome you to visit our Pro-Tek Braid Pinterest board section.

Following RAMM’s installation instructions will make this fencing solution an optimal choice for a “weekend warrior” project. We suggest concreting in your corner and end posts for the stability and longevity of your horse fencing system. You can choose to install your electric horse fence system on many different post types: wood, t-posts, PVC, or fiberglass.

Installation Tips

  • Tensioning: You can tension the Pro-Tek braided electric horse fencing system with wire tighteners or with the ElectroBraid™ tension kit (yes, it's compatible).
  • Splicing: Running two ends of Pro-Tek braided electric through the electric rope splice will connect the two rail ends together.
  • Connection: To run the electric current to your Pro-Tek braided electric, you will need to run your burial wire and Pro-Tek braided electric rail through an electric rope splice.

    *Note: Pro-Tek braided electric is a stainless steel-based fence system and is not compatible with copper-based products. If you need to connect a copper wire or ElectroBraid™ to a Pro-Tek rail, you will need to use a neutral plate connector.

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