0.25-Joule, 12V Ultra-Low Impedance, Solar Fence Charger


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This low impedance power fence charger has an output of 0.25 joule. It controls up to 50 acres or 20 standard miles of wire. This solar powered unit is both energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Output: 0.25 joule
Coverage: 50 acres / 20 miles of wire

0.25-Joule, 12V Ultra-Low Impedance, Solar Fence Charger
Item Description

Solar-powered electric fence chargers offer many benefits such as no ongoing electrical or battery costs. They are perfect for remote areas where electrical currents aren't available. They are great for portable fencing solutions when it requires to be moved frequently. Power outages do not impact the solar charger's ability to keep your horses contained. They also retain power even through cloudy and inclement weather days, continuing to provide enough energy to keep your animals contained and predators out. This model delivers one pulse of shock per second to your horses and/or livestock.

*RAMM's Charging Tip: Switch it to charge and place the fence charger in direct sunlight for three solid days before use. Do not play with it [checking in on it periodically].

Electric Fence Charger FAQs

  • What is low impedance? Low impedance refers to the technology enabling the fence charger to deliver an effective shock - even when moderate vegetation is in contact with the fence rail.
  • What is a joule rating? A joule is a measure of electrical energy. Power Wizard chargers are rated in output joules, indicating the energy/power of the fence charger and the fence wire. The higher the joule rating, the higher the shock pulses and the more powerful the fence charger.
  • How do I determine what charger I need? To determine what charger to use for 4 strands of electric fence take the length x width = square footage. The square footage divided by 43,560 = the # of acres you have. Acreage listings are given for each charger. Just pick the correct charger for your number of acres.

- "This was just what we needed. We did not have a power source near the fence so solar was the only way to go. It works perfectly and was easy to install where we needed it." Don, SC