Door Handles

  • Heavy-Duty Door Handle


    Heavy-Duty Door Handle

    RAMM's 9” x 1½" heavy-duty door handle is excellent for large sliding doors! You have your handle's finish be hot-dip galvanized or powder coated black over a hot-dip galvanized finish to fit your barn the best.

    Compatibility: Sliding Doors

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  • Heavy-Duty Flush Pull Handle


    Heavy-Duty Flush Pull Handle

    This recessed heavy-duty flush pull handle is made of a very durable cast iron and is compatible with doors over 1¾" thick. This handle can be used with heavy sliding barn doors, dutch doors, and more!

    Compatibility: Doors 1¾" Thick

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  • Flush Pull Handle


    Flush Pull Handle

    This flush pull door handle is made out of heavy-duty galvanized formed steel and works great with heavy, wooden barn doors. They recess into the door so horses and other animals don't get caught on the handle. Out of Stock

    Compatibility: Doors 1¾" Thick

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  • Barn Door Handle


    Barn Door Handle

    This bow designed barn door handle is made of cast iron and comes in a smooth powder-coated black finish for excellent resiliency. This handle mounts to any flat surface and works great for horse stalls, arenas, and barn or bale doors.

    Compatibility: Bale Doors, Barn Door, Stall Doors, etc.

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  • Door Latch Handle

    SKU: DLH

    Door Latch Handle

    Contoured for a good grip, our door latch handle is made from a heavy-duty galvanized steel and is excellent for large sliding doors. This handle is included our top door latch kit for some of our horse stalls and the barn door hardware kit.

    Track: Premium or Square

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If you're looking for a heavy-duty door handle, then you've come to the right place! We carry only the highest quality horse barn door hardware; all of our door handles are made to last! We have a few different varieties of door handles to choose from. Our strongest two handles are our heavy-duty flush pull handles and heavy-duty door handles. We also have a very popular and economical powder coated black barn door handle that's only $9.50; you can't beat that!

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