Door Latches

  • Thumb Latch


    Thumb Latch

    This cast iron thumb latch is zinc-plated for superior strength. They can be used for doors that are 1¾" - 2¾" thick. With this thumb latch door system put into place, you will then be able to open your doors from either side.

    Compatibility: Doors 1¾" - 2¾" Thick

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  • Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Door Latch


    Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Door Latch

    This heavy-duty door latch is constructed of stainless steel, which is great for durability and longevity. Installing our heavy-duty stainless steel door latch on a barn or shed door is optimal and it can be padlocked.

    Compatibility: Doors 1¾" - 2½" Thick

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  • Heavy-Duty Door Latch


    Heavy-Duty Door Latch

    Our heavy-duty ionized door latch is great for sheds or barn or doors. This heavy-duty door latch is constructed of a durable silver, ultra-seal finish. The front has the ability to be padlocked and the latch system is operational from both sides.

    Compatibility: Doors 1¼" - 2¾" Thick

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  • Locking Style Horseshoe Latch

    SKU: LHL

    Locking Style Horseshoe Latch

    Aesthetically pleasing and functional, this locking style horseshoe latch is compatible with sliding stall doors or hinged doors. It's not compatible on a dutch door or flush-close door.

    Compatibility: Hinged or Sliding Doors

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  • Slide Bolt Latch Kit

    SKU: SBL

    Slide Bolt Latch Kit

    This slide bolt latch has a rugged steel construction with a zinc plated finish. This latch is built 1/2" thick for tougher barn environments. The slide bolt latch kit can be installed for both right and left-hand applications!

    Compatibility: Derby Stalls

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  • Heavy-Duty Spring Latch


    Heavy-Duty Spring Latch

    This 1.5" x 6" heavy-duty, zinc-plated spring latch system can be used for many different functions in or around the barn. Some of the most popular uses for these spring latches are for dutch doors, windows, or gates.

    Compatibility: Dutch Doors, Windows, or Gates

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  • Drop Door Latch - Yellow Zinc Plated

    SKU: DDL

    Drop Door Latch - Yellow Zinc Plated

    This yellow zinc plated drop door latch is spring loaded. The drop door latch is compatible with doors 2.25" thick to 3" thick. 8 Available

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  • Top Spring Bolt


    Top Spring Bolt

    This top spring bolt installs at the top of the door. It is designed to keep the door closed tightly, securing small-sized swing or slide-fold doors in the closed position. These spring bolts can be used for single or double door applications.

    Compatibility: Dutch Doors

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These door latches can be used for many purposes! Whether it's intended use is for horse stall doors, barn doors, or if you're just looking to give your interior design that farm/barn look. Transform your doors with a long-lasting door latch system that can be a quick DIY project.

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