Fly and Mosquito Control

  • Complete Automatic Fly and Mosquito System


    Complete Automatic Fly and Mosquito System

    55 Gallon analog timer package. Flexible package that will fit many different applications. Great for do-it-yourselfers! Package comes with everything you need to work with up to eight horse stalls.

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  • Fly and Mosquito Insecticide Refill

    SKU: IS

    Fly and Mosquito Insecticide Refill

    Water-based insecticide designed for horse stall misting systems. Provides knockdown, kill and residual control of the toughest flying insect problems including mosquitoes, flies and other pests. Safe to use around humans and most ornamental plants.

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  • Odour Out Fly Spray Deodorizer Refill

    SKU: DO1

    Odour Out Fly Spray Deodorizer Refill

    Odour Out is a concentrated all natural odor neutralizer that doesn’t just cover odors, it destroys them. Odour Out eliminates nitrogenous, sulfurous as well as many other odors. Works to control any order. Great for automatic insect control systems.

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  • Weatherproof 55 Gallon Barrel Cover

    SKU: BC

    Weatherproof 55 Gallon Barrel Cover

    Weatherproof barrel cover for the 55 gallon misting systems. The cover slips over the top of the system and is held in place by an elastic band. The cover provides weather protection outdoors and dust protection in the horse barn.

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  • Analog Timer


    Analog Timer

    With the analog timer you can set the amount of cycles per day, the length of each cycle and manually add an extra cycle to the system if pests are particular heavy. The analog timer automatically dispenses the insecticide through the horse barn.

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  • Fly System Nylon Tubing

    SKU: NT

    Fly System Nylon Tubing

    The nylon tubing is strong, lightweight, and has a very low moisture absorption rate so it will remain flexible for years. This type of tubing is ideal for push to connect fittings, because of it's soft outer jacket and flexibility.

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  • Replacement Pump

    SKU: RP

    Replacement Pump

    Pest and insect automatic misting system replacement pump that is used to move fluids through the tubing runs all the way to the nozzle through-out the horse barn.

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  • Quick Fitting Removal Tool

    SKU: QFT

    Quick Fitting Removal Tool

    The quick fitting removal tool makes changing out nozzles and tubing quick and easy. It releases the pressure and allows either the nozzle or tubing to be removed from the elbow, straight or tee fitting. Change out a plugged nozzle head in seconds.

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  • 90° Union Elbow Fitting

    SKU: 9EF

    90° Union Elbow Fitting

    The 90° elbow fitting is great for when you have to make a turn in the tubing run. This elbow fitting fits ¼" nylon tubing. These fittings are nickel plated and offer superior protection from corrosion. They are simple, quick and easy.

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  • Union Tee Fitting

    SKU: NTF

    Union Tee Fitting

    The union tee fitting allows you to branch off from the main tubing run without ending it. The union tee fitting accepts ¼" nylon tubing all the way around. It is nickel plated and offers great protection from corrosion. Just slide the tubing in.

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  • Union Fitting

    SKU: UF

    Union Fitting

    The union fitting splices two pieces of ¼" nylon tubing together for those really long runs. Nickel-plated fitting provide years of non-tarnishing luster. This item is used with our horse barn fly control misting system. Comes with quick ends.

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  • Tee Nozzle Assembly

    SKU: TNA

    Tee Nozzle Assembly

    This style tee nozzle assemble is the best choice for the majority of installations. The tee nozzle assembly is excellent for livestock applications, one tee nozzle per 12' x 12' stall or area. Works great on fence lines in back yards or along deck rails.

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  • Elbow Nozzle Assembly

    SKU: ENA

    Elbow Nozzle Assembly

    Elbow nozzle assemblies are used at the end of an automatic misting system tubing run. This nozzle is used on the end so that an air bleeder valve is not necessary. Nozzle can cover a 12' x 12' area.

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  • Straight Nozzle Assembly

    SKU: SNA

    Straight Nozzle Assembly

    Straight nozzle assemblies are used in areas where a loop of tubing may not be needed or available. Branching off of a main feed line to supply a straight nozzle offers the flexibility to reach areas that might be out of the way.

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  • Hago Style Nozzle with Filter

    SKU: BNT

    Hago Style Nozzle with Filter

    Replacement nozzle for your horse stall pest control misting systems. Nozzle with filter provides accurate flow and spray angle for great atomizing of insecticide spray. One nozzle provides cover for a 12' x 12' horse stall.

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  • Inline Ball Valve

    SKU: IBV

    Inline Ball Valve

    The inline ball valve allows portions of the misting system to be temporary shut off while the rest of the system stays on and functions properly. These are great for horse boarding facilities where the horse stalls may not always be filled.

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  • Sticky Roll Fly Tape Minikit

    SKU: SIE1080

    Sticky Roll Fly Tape Minikit

    Mini-Kit comes complete with 81' Sticky Tape roll, take-up reel, mounting hardware and screws all in a small handy blister pack. Mini-Kits are great for smaller areas in the barn, stable or tack room.

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Fly and mosquito barn control from RAMM, besides being a nuisance to horses, mosquitoes also carry West Nile Virus, a disease that is usually deadly in equines. Flies are also a major nuisance to horses. They cause horses to stomp (which is hard on hooves), kick (which can damage your horse fence, stalls, etc.), and rub (which can rub away hair or cause damage to horse stalls, fencing, etc.) to get rid of them. As horse owners ourselves, we are dedicated to providing effective equine products to reduce your farm maintenance and increase the time you spend with your animals. Equine fly control for barns is another area we have addressed for our valued customers.

With the RAMM Fly and Mosquito Control System Kit, flies, mosquitoes and many other insects are eliminated from your horse barn and stalls in 60 seconds using natural, safe equine fly control products. The insecticides are not harmful to you, your family, your animals or the environment! The insecticide is made from an organic material derived from chrysanthemum flowers. The insecticide meets all of the strict requirements set forth by the EPA.

So how does this fly and mosquito barn control system kit work? The timer in the system allows you to set the intervals for the system to spray. It can be programmed to spray up to eight times per day in your horse barn and stalls. The system can also spray manually with the push of a button. Each spray is in 1 minute increments and each nozzle covers approximately 12' feet all the way around. Each nozzle puts out 5 oz. of spray each minute at 160 psi. Although you won't see it, the insecticide will remain effective for 45 minutes after each spray. The fly and mosquito control system kit can also be altered for times when you will be away from the farm on camping; trail riding and horse show trips.

You'll find the same RAMM quality from our equine fly control for barns to our horse fencing systems and horse stalls. You can browse through these equine products online or learn more about mosquito barn control and other horse care and containment in our extensive resource center. Our free product catalog includes helpful tips for bringing your horse home from boarding, fencing for minis, accessories for your horse barn and stalls, and much more. Please contact one of our experts at 1-800-434-8456 for free estimates on your next farm project. We are excited about helping with your horse fencing systems and barn accessories.