Standard Stall Accessories

  • Standard Horse Stall V-Door Grill Section

    SKU: VSD48

    Standard Horse Stall V-Door Grill Section

    Add a standard v-door grill section to any standard stall door to let your horses socialize with each other. The v-door grill section also makes it very easy to get your horses ready for turnout or prepping them for trail riding.

    V-Insert is NOT included. You can purchase it here.

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  • Standard Stall Feed Door

    SKU: FD

    Standard Stall Feed Door

    Easily add a feed door to any stall front that currently doesn’t have one. Feed doors are a great way to feed all of the hungry horses at once, allowing for efficiency. They come fully assembled and ready to install.

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  • V-Insert

    SKU: VSD*


    V-inserts are a standard way to set up your horse stalls, as they allow interaction between you and your horses. They are safe and smooth and won't harm your horse's head. They're a great horse stall accessory.

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  • Standard Stall Feed Opening


    Standard Stall Feed Opening

    Add a feed opening to any stall front that doesn't currently have one. Feed openings are an economical way to be able to feed your horses from outside of their horse stalls. This feed opening kit adds both functionality and beauty to any equine stall.

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  • U-Channel

    SKU: U


    These metal horse stall u-channels are used to support wooden wall boards between wood support posts. They have pre-drilled holes and feature a rust resistant zinc coating.

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  • Wall Brace

    SKU: W

    Wall Brace

    Our wall braces add extra strength and durability to stall walls by joining the boards together – forming a single, solid wall. They lay flat against the stall wall once secured in place, helping prevent injury to horses.

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  • 96" Post Edging

    SKU: P


    Protect your horse and your stall walls; most horses love to chew on exposed wood, such as stall walls and posts. Protect all of your wood edges that your horse comes into contact with post edging.

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  • Rubber Grommets


    Rubber Grommets

    Our heavy-duty rubber grommets are placed in between each grill channel and horse stall bars. These rubber grommets are made of a heavy grade plastic, designed to keep the bars in place and stopping them from rattling. Sold in packs of 50.

    Compatibility: Stall Grill Bars

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  • 7/8" Stall Grill Bar

    SKU: BAR34


    These 16-gauge, 7/8" galvanized horse stall grill bars are both economical and rugged. They can be easily removed from the grillwork, allowing you to be able to customize your stalls down the road or if you move they can increase your property value!

    Compatibility: Pro-Line & Standard Stalls

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All of our Standard horse stall accessories help insure a smooth operation and stylish look for your Standard horse stalls. Wall cappings help protect your wall tops from damage, wall braces are used to brace wall boards, and u-channels are used to support wallboards between posts. These accessories are essential for the best maintenance to your barn and many of the parts and accessories can either be galvanized or have a powder-coat painted finish to protect your stalls against rusting.